My Yoga

My passion for yoga is huge and I’m always excited to share this with my yoga students. I teach a variation of hatha, vinyasa flow and ashtanga yoga, however these styles tend to be mixed up as I form classes around the participants, trying to read their level of energy and giving them a set of tools that is right for them. I strive to create a place that allows participants to find a home within themselves, feeling more peaceful, more balanced and with new energy entering the body.

My Journey

My yoga journey began when I started taking jazz & contemporary dance classes as a 15 year old girl. I loved dancing a lot but what I loved even more was the quiet and peaceful preparation for dancing. At that time, the preparation before dancing was my yoga. Back then my focus while doing the different postures was different from what I focus on now, but this is where it all started. For a few years you would be able to come to my home and find me stretching in my room every single day. This was a process in which I could relax, calm my mind and find myself.

Slowly I stopped going to dance classes and I took my first yoga class with a professional yoga teacher. My very first real yoga class made me feel a bit weird, exhausted and I remember asking myself “what is this?”. It also made me really curious for more. I continued going to these yoga classes and every time I finished with a class I felt happiness shining through my body more and more. And this is where my yoga addiction began.

In 2014 I co-funded a yoga student association at my university in Copenhagen where I was studying Business Administration & Sociology. I really enjoyed making people feel good inside and outside by providing yoga classes for them. After I graduated university I went to Rishikesh, the World Capital of Yoga, in India to complete my yoga teacher training. Afterwards, life brought me to Arusha, Tanzania where I am now living, teaching yoga classes and volunteering with a beautiful yoga NGO, Yoga Pura Vida.